Haitian Aid, Indian Changemakers and British Housework

The Aftermath of Aid

When a natural disaster happens, images are broadcast around the world, and rightfully aid pours in, enabling programmes to be set up to deal with the immediate, and longer term aftermath of the disaster. But what happens after a couple of years, when the aid organizations have completed their initial phase programmes and inevitably leave the country? This post on Haiti Grassroots Watch looks at this question in terms of what is happening now in Haiti.

Gender Equality in the UK? Apparently Not.

Only 1 in 10 British married men does an equal amount of housework as his wife! This does appear to be changing though…albeit rather slowly – more than eight out of ten women born in 1958 said that they do more laundry and ironing than their husband, but of those born in 1970, this figure reduced to 7 in ten, according to this article.

How Video Volunteers have been empowering local changemakers

Video Volunteers believes that every community, no matter how small or remote, should be able to have at least one local changemaker within it – someone who can broadcast their issues to the world. But despite the vast numbers of mobile phone connections in the world, many of which now have video capabilities, this is not happening as much as they think it should.  This article on their website is the first in a series of four, which talks about how they’ve been tackling this problem for the last year.

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