International Women’s Day Round Up

What’s being said about women today?

Firstly, the International Women’s Day website has a huge list of what’s going on around the world today, but aside from that here are some articles published on the internet over the past few days:

Rural Burkinabe Women Radio Station Organises Women Week by IICD

Women’s Rights are Human Rights by Counterpunch

Recognizing women in the water crisis by Charity: Water

No Woman Should Die Giving Birth by Livesay Haiti

 Are Women People? by Time

 Were Single Mothers Better Off in the 19th Century? by BBC News

Tavis Smiley to Discuss Women in Poverty on March 18th by Look to the Stars

Much To Celebrate, Much More To Do by Infodev

Women’s Empowerment? There’s a (Mobile) App For That by The World Bank

And an awful lot of articles by the Guardian – here are just a few:

Donor policies fail to bring real and sustained change for women

Cash Transfers do not Address the Underlying Causes of Women’s Poverty

What good is an international women’s day?

Women protesting around the world – in pictures

What is there to celebrate around the world on International Women’s Day?

and lastly: Cartoons Exploring Women’s Place in Society Around the World


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